One of the best ways to fully learn and master a skill is by being able to teach it to someone else. This past weekend, members of the AMYS Master’s Club met for a Leadership Training event where they learned how to go beyond practicing their skills and into learning how to pass on their knowledge to other students. The Master’s club is composed of students who are advanced belts with years of training or students that are part of the elite competition teams: Sparring, Poomsae, or Extreme.

One of the unique opportunities these students get to practice their leadership skill is by learning how to help in a class. They will work with an instructor in the younger kids classes to help and be an example for the beginner students. Through this, they are able to learn how to be in charge and hold responsibility, how to manage groups, solve problems, and take initiative in situations on the mat. This month, you will see the Master’s Club members in classes leading warmups.

Many of the skills they will learn also include communication skills. This helps instill confidence as students have to come out of their shell, talk loudly in front of a group, and become comfortable being put in front of students. 

We’re excited to see the Master’s Club members grow in a new way! 

If you would love your student to join part of this program, be sure to talk to one of the instructors to learn how to set this goal in their Martial Arts journey!

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AMYS Martial Arts is a Taekwondo school in Utah with studios in Orem & Draper. Classes are offered for kids (ages 2 & up) and adults and there are programs in Martial Arts, Tumbling, Dance, Summer Camps, and a Transported After School Program. Please contact (801) 432-0853 or if you have any questions.