Kids Tumbling Classes in Orem & Draper

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What is Tumbling?


Tumbling is a super fun class for kids to develop skills like strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun way through achieving goals they set and work towards. We have different classes depending on the level kids are at to keep challenging them! Beginners start off with basics like cartwheels, forward rolls, headstands and handstands, and more!

What Ages Can Participate?

Our Tumbling classes are separated into age groups for kids ages:
3-4yrs Tiny Tumblers
5-7yrs Little Tumblers
8-14yrs old Tumbling Class (Beg, Int, or Adv)

We have classes for different levels, so your child can start off learning the basics, and be challenged as they level up!

Want more info? Call or text us at (801) 432-0853 to schedule a free trial class!

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