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Lesson of the Month: Self-Discipline!


This month, our students are studying SELF-DISCIPLINE.
Parents and teachers both agree that self-discipline is one of the most important skills anyone can have – yet relatively few believe they’ve been successful at helping their own children demonstrate it. It goes without saying that children can and will learn self-discipline if they are exposed to an environment that nurtures this skill.

In this month’s classes, students will learn why self-discipline is good in their life. They’ll learn how to develop this skill in a fun and entertaining way. You can help by reinforcing self-discipline at home!

Summer Camp Registration is Now Open!

Limited Spots Available

The word is spreading quickly… AMYS is now accepting registrations for our AWESOME SUMMER CAMP for 2022!

It’s only $40 to save your child’s spot right now!

Your child will love all our fun, safe, and exciting activities such as:

– Martial Arts
– Dance / Hip Hop!
– Tumbling
– Soccer & Basketball
– Dodgeball
– Arts & Crafts
– Field Trips
– And more!

Find more info here: OREMDRAPER

Leadership Day at AMYS Martial Arts

Leadership Day at AMYS Martial Arts

One of the best ways to fully learn and master a skill is by being able to teach it to someone else. This past weekend, members of the AMYS Master’s Club met for a Leadership Training event where they learned how to go beyond practicing their skills and into learning how to pass on their knowledge to other students. The

July Lesson of the Month

July Lesson of the Month

We know parents are going to LOVE July's Lesson of the Month- Organization! You probably have to coax your child to keep their room clean or help with house chores. Not many people (and less kids) can say they truly enjoy spending time doing these activities, but we...

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