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Utah’s coolest training center with programs for the whole family in Taekwondo, Parkour, Tumbling, Dance, Transported After School, Summer Camps, and more!

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Developing an Indomitable Spirit: Alex Wong

A big part of me sticks with it to be a role model to my kids. If I quit when it got hard, what kind of message would that send to them? Hopefully my own building of my indomitable spirit will help them build their own.

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Leadership Day at AMYS Martial Arts

One of the best ways to fully learn and master a skill is by being able to teach it to someone else. This past weekend, members of the AMYS Master’s Club met for a Leadership Training event where they learned how to go beyond practicing their skills and into learning how to pass on their knowledge to other students. The

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Join our Saturday morning class with the whole family!

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Our Parkour and Tumling classes are open now! Send us a message to sign up for the next session!

About AMYS…

AMYS Martial Arts is Utah’s coolest training center with classes for the whole family! We have two elite training facilities in Orem & Draper with classes for Kids & Adult Taekwondo, Parkour, Tumbling, Dance, Transported After School Program, Summer Camps, and more!

AMYS is an international family-owned martial arts school. Our main goal is to teach our students confidence, discipline, respect and focus This helps them achieve their goals and to strive for excellence in all parts of their lives. We are affiliated with the Utah State Taekwondo Association, USA-Taekwondo, Pan American Taekwondo Union, Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation.

Serving Our Community Since 1986

AMYS Martial Arts began in 1986 in Lima, Peru offering classes to the community in Karate, Taekwondo, and other martial arts. We have now expanded to 2 elite facilities in Utah, in Orem and Draper, and are a proud part of our local communities.
We love supporting our local elementary schools, serving community groups, and sharing the valuable life skills that Martial Arts offers to all.

Our Club Is Our Family

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Check Out What AMYS Parents Have To Say!

“Amys Martial Arts has been so great for my daughter. She has been there for almost 3 years and has improved in her physical and emotional abilities and strength. There are phenomenal instructors with great knowledge, ability to teach morals and values that they instill. The environment is clean, plenty of space, and a beautiful gym. The students and instructors are all wonderful and helpful. All of the students are very respectful and very eager to learn. No one has an “ego” and everyone is helpful to each other.”

Elizabeth M.

Parent – Ultimate Champion Student

“Amys Martial Arts is an absolute gem. This has been our kids’ dojang for about four months now, and they absolutely love it. Amys is all about discipline and achievement with love and humor. I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop, and I’m thinking of enrolling myself, in middle age.”

Aron H.

Parent – Little Champion Student

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