2015 Summer Camps

June 8 - June 12: Demo Team Camp

Get ready to have fun learning the newest kicks, combinations, jumpkick acrobatic skills, and forms. In this camp, we will be learning extreme nunchucks AND bo!! Campers will learn both basic skills and advanced tricks. In addition, campers will put together a demo performance for the Orem Summerfest!

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June 15 - June 19: Challenge Camp

Miss Samy will be running this high-energy camp which will cover ALL extreme weapons and sync forms! We will also be having battles and challenges all week in preparation for the first AMYS Challenge night of the year (Friday night).

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June 22 - June 26: AMYS Champions Camp

This camp will cover high-level sparring training (both drills and sparring matches), training with electronic Daedo gear, and a look into what it's like to be an elite athlete.

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June 29 - July 1: Martial Arts Movie Camp

This is the first-ever Martial Arts Movie Camp! We will be teaching stunting, choreographed fight scenes, and acting all to film a martial arts movie which students will get to keep as a memory for years to come.

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