Color Belt Testing

Students can test for their next belt every three months. They are tested in different areas. When they are ready to test, they receive 5 tapes on their belt, representing they have learned their current belt's required curriculum. The Yellow tape is for Kicking Combination, Green for Self-Defense, Blue for Poomsae, Red for Board Breaking, and Black for Mental Training. In addition to this, they are given a Belt Testing form which has to be signed off by their parents and school teacher. Students must be doing well in school and have approval to test by their teacher. They are also evaluated by their parents on how they are doing at home and require parental approval to be able to test. Testing is offered every 6 weeks in Orem, and every 3 months in Draper.

2014 Color Belt Testing Dates

*Dates are subject to change.

May 2ndOrem Testing
May 3rdDraper Testing
June 21stOrem Testing
August 1stDraper Testing
August 2ndOrem Testing
September 13thOrem Testing
October 24thOrem Testing
October 25thDraper Testing
November 6thOrem Testing