AMYS Color Belt Mental Trainings

The following 10 Mental Trainings are to be memorized as students earn their White through Green Advanced belts. They are tested on both knowing, understanding, and being able to apply them in real life situations each time they test for a new belt. Once the students reach blue belt, they are required to write an essay on certain topics from these mental trainings and how Taekwondo has helped them improve in those areas.

1. Be loyal to your country, Loyalty ma'am/sir.
2. Be obedient to your parents, Obedience ma'am/sir.
3. Be loving to your parents, Loving ma'am/sir.
4. Be faithful to your friends, Faithful ma'am/sir.
5. Be cooperative with others, Cooperation ma'am/sir.
6. Be respectful to your teachers, Respect ma'am/sir.
7. Be honest in your life, Honesty ma'am/sir.
8. Show concern for others, Compassion ma'am/sir.
9. Never attack without reason, Show mercy ma'am/sir.
10. Finish what you start, Persistence ma'am/sir.