AMYS Students

AMYS students are taught not only to excel physically, but in all areas of their life. To the left, you will find several links which help guide students on their mental training.

Referral Program

The highest compliment you can show your school and instructor is to invite others to come and experience the benefits and the fun your school has to offer!

You can earn different prizes for every student that you refer that signs up in our basic program!

Refer 1 person -- AMYS Taekwondo T-Shirt
Refer 2 people -- $30 AMYS dollars
Refer 3 people -- Traditional Weapon of choice
Refer 4 people -- 1 Year Free Parent's Night Out
Refer 5 people -- Extreme Weapon of choice (Nunchucks, Kamas,
or Bo Staff) + 2 private lessons!